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23 wild ideas for outdoor adventures

In my last blog post I shared lots of ideas on what to do on busy weekdays or when the weather is less than appealing.  So for the days when the sun shines and we have a couple hours or more free, I’ve come up with another 20 or so ideas so we’ll never be stuck for what to do next!

Here’s 23 ideas for outdoor micro adventures:

Find and explore a new wild place you didn’t know existed, for example try your local cemetery or closest green patch on Google maps

  • Plant wildflower seeds
  • Go stargazing on a clear night
  • Try some nature photography, a phone camera will do
  • Walk in a wood
  • Visit a nature reserve
  • Kayak on a wild river, we invested in inflatable kayaks which are perfect for spontaneous river trips anywhere
  • Roll down a hill, embrace your inner playfulness!
  • Walk barefoot in the grass
  • Swim in the wild, be it sea or river
  • Help the planet by picking up litter
  • Walk a dog, and appreciate the natural world all around through their eyes
  • Touch tree bark, smell flowers, stroke leaves, rescue insects and listen to the birds

Check out my ideas for busy and rainy days here.


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