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Nature’s hidden treasures face their biggest threat yet

Most of the protection for our precious wildlife and habitats stems from EU nature laws. But these laws are now under threat from a review by the EU Commission. Find out more in this blog and take part in the huge joint campaign.

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30 Days Wild: Day 17 Speak Up For The Love Of The Wild

For Day 17 of 30 Days Wild I got involved in today's mass climate change lobby, Speak Up For The Love Of... You can also get involved here.

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My thoughts on the election outcome

I told myself I would not post another political post after my last one. I honestly try to be nonpartisan and I never used to be so political. It's very hard not to be when you live and breathe trying to save the environment, however.  I've always been an optimist but even if I wasn't… Continue reading My thoughts on the election outcome