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What I learnt from becoming a Vegetarian

In the beginning, turning vegetarian is quite a challenge but it quickly gets easier. But the most extraordinary part of my journey to give up meat is how my perspectives changed and what I have learnt. I've been trying to eat less meat for both environmental, food crisis and animal cruelty reasons. The meat industry… Continue reading What I learnt from becoming a Vegetarian

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30 Days Wild: Day 17 Speak Up For The Love Of The Wild

For Day 17 of 30 Days Wild I got involved in today's mass climate change lobby, Speak Up For The Love Of... You can also get involved here.

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Recommended Reads: ice cream, bumble bee highway and food waste

Links of the week. Interesting reads I came across in the past week or so, from climate change ice-cream to nature making us happy to bumblebee highways. And a photo of a lynx!