IMG_2355Hi, I’m Sally. I was raised on the woods, open fields and stunning wildlife of the East Anglian countryside, alongside a large pack of dogs. Horses, chickens and cats also featured. I turned my back on all this to study History & Law at uni in the depths of Cornwall but realising my mistake, later took on an MSc in Environment, Science and Society at UCL. I’m now a storyteller at the Wildlife Trusts UK office in Nottinghamshire, sharing stories of people and wildlife.  I’m personally on a journey to living an eco-friendly and wild life as possible.

I love writing about the wonder of wildlife and empowering others to make a real difference. Our planet, our home, faces challenges like never before and I believe we all have a part to play. If you’re interested in working with me I’d love to hear from you, use the form below.

When I’m not attempting to save the planet, you can find me looking for wildlife, hugging trees, horse-riding, playing board games, or daydreaming about my favourite place, Cornwall.

The blog

Wild and Green is a blog exploring how to live a greener and wilder life for our own health, happiness and that of our beautiful planet. There are so many ways, big and small, we can make a real difference. This blog shares thoughts, experiences, tips and discoveries on living green and connecting with nature. Follow this blog by clicking ‘follow‘ on the right hand side or follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!

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