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Eco product review: shampoo bars

I made the switch to using shampoo bars a few years ago as part of my journey to living a greener life and using less plastic packaging. I used Lush shampoo bars for a while but made the personal decision to no longer support Lush.

Coincidentally, about that time I had the opportunity to try out two other shampoo bars. So here’s my review of Hoja and Gruum’s shampoo bars.


I was kindly gifted a free Hoja shampoo bar in return for an honest review. I went for Green Bliss as it was created to boost growth and soothe sensitive skin.

I loved its natural handmade feel. It lathers well just from running it down my hair and left my hair shiny and healthy. I felt like I could also go longer between hair washes with this one.

Their bars are designed to be conditioning so you don’t need conditioner too. However, I have long hair and found it still got knotty afterwards so I still needed to use a separate conditioner bar to make my hair brushable.

They offer six options all with different features such as anti-frizz or reducing grey hairs. The bars are 67 grams. It costs £6.00.

Green Bliss Shampoo Bar


  • Long lasting
  • Cheaper of the two
  • My hair can go a few days between washes
  • Plastic free zero waste brand
  • Natural and handmade
  • Suitable for coloured hair


  • For me, with long hair I needed to use a separate conditioner
  • No conditioner bar available

Buy here.


I received a free shampoo bar as part of a referral from a friend, I only paid postage. I went for the revitalising shampoo bar with cocoa butter which is designed to bring shine and softness to dull hair.

I found it lathers really easily with little effort. It left my hair soft and shiny and easy to brush after so I didn’t feel the need to use conditioner with it. I’m not sure if it can be used with coloured hair but their shine boost bar can.

They offer four options all with different features such as brightening for blond hair or shine for dark/dyed hair. They also have four conditioner bars. The bars are 50 grams. It costs £8.00 or £5.00 with the subscription.

Revitalising Shampoo Bar


  • Lathers easily
  • Subscription service which makes it cheaper
  • I didn’t need to use conditioner with it
  • Conditioner bars available


  • Without subscription, more expensive of the two
  • Not sure of the packaging is recyclable as it’s shiny cardboard
  • Slow delivery

Buy here.

Do you have a favourite shampoo bar? Comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Eco product review: shampoo bars”

    1. It’s smaller than the Hoja one and doesn’t last as long but yes that might be made up by the fact doesn’t need conditioner with it. And it is cheaper with the subscription.


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