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15 UK online vegan food and lifestyle shops

Once upon a time being vegan was a real challenge and a huge commitment. Nowadays though there’s so many vegan options, making the change can be an easy and practical decision.

Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up on chocolate, sweets, cakes, or meaty textures and cheesy flavours. Shopping online makes things even easier if you know where to look. When you can get everything delivered to your door there are few reasons to not try being vegan!

Whether you’re a long term vegan or giving it a go, plant-based or even if you simply want to reduce the amount of meat you eat, here’s 15 online shops to suit all your vegan needs!


  • If you only try one site on this list, make it The Vegan Kind Supermarket! They have a huge vegan selection ranging from doughnuts, to fake cheese & meat, to crisps. I love their lifestyle box which I get every month, it’s packed full of yummy snacks, sweets and recipes.
  • For something a bit more upmarket, Yumbles comes highly recommended from my Dad! They have a whole vegan section selling plant-based foods, drinks and treats crafted by independent and artisan makers. I’m keen to try their handmade pies and cakes.
  • Bother is a great place to stock up on vegan cupboard staples such as oat milk and canned beans. 
  • You might see Deliciously Ella vegan foods in the supermarket but you can buy them straight from their website too! They offer .. well .. delicious breakfasts, frozen meals, desserts and snacks.
  • Allplants offers a healthy frozen meal subscription service for when you don’t feel like cooking. 

Sports & Nutrition

  • I highly recommend plastic neutral company MyVegan for vegan protein and nutrition. I struggle with the powder texture of protein shakes but MyVegan’s Clear Protein dissolves in water like squash! I also use their multivitamins and omega supplement.  They can seem pricey but they have so many deals and discounts that I’ve never paid full price for anything yet!
  • Holland & Barrett is another great health option with a wide selection of vitamins, supplements and protein shakes.

 Hygiene & Beauty

  • As I struggle with acne, I’ve turned to The Inkey List for my skincare needs. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin since using their Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Beta Hydroxy Acid (I’m no longer scared of video calls!). I strongly recommend giving them a try if you also battle with breakouts, blemishes and acne.
  • Tropic offers vegan skincare, makeup and haircare with all natural ingredients. They’re working towards reducing their impact with refillable packaging and double-offsetting of emissions.
  • Peace with the Wild is a brilliant store for vegan zero-waste hygiene and beauty and more. 
  • Lush has a large selection of vegan haircare, soaps, makeup, perfume and dental care products. They also have zero-waste options.

Shoes & Fabric

Committing to veganism means not using animals products in clothes too. Here’s a list that identifies which fabrics are vegan or not. With clothes, this issue can be avoided by shopping secondhand (thus not contributing to cruelty or emissions). But shoes can be a challenge, as many are made of leather.

  • I’m a big fan of Toms shoes so it makes me so happy they have a vegan collection.
  • A small Brighton based company, Vegetarian Shoes has you covered whatever shoes you’re looking for. 
  • Ethical Wares has a wide range of affordable shoes and accessories. 


  • For just Β£9.99 a year for you and family members, the Deliciously Ella app offers a great range of tasty easy vegan recipes for all occasions. You can add these to a meal planner and create shopping lists from the recipes. I find these features super useful. I’m finally getting organised with my cooking! The app also gives you access to workouts, yoga, pilates and meditations.
  • Simple Vegan costs a bit more but it creates a detailed vegan meal plan personal to you based on your health or weight goals. It has loads of recipes to choose from. They also guide you through becoming vegan with guides and tips.

Everything else 

For everything else … there’s the Ethical Superstore! They sell nearly everything and you can use the vegan tag system to make vegan shopping easy. 

Are you trying out being vegan or more plant-based? Are there any vegan online stores you’d recommend that I’ve missed?

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