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8 reasons why you should shop secondhand

If you’re not already considering buying secondhand every time you shop then the time is now. There are so many reasons to shop secondhand and some of those will benefit you as well as the planet!

Buying secondhand is more sustainable

Shopping secondhand will always be a more eco-friendly option. Even if you only buy from sustainable shops, buying a less eco-friendly secondhand option will still be better for the environment.

This is because when you buy a used item you are saving on all the resources it took to make that item.  For example, it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one new cotton t-shirt. A t-shirt from a charity shop is free of those impacts.

Reusing plastic is particularly important. It’s going to last centuries so it’s vital that we make the most of it. If you are buying secondhand clothes made with plastic, wash them in a Guppy Laundry bag to prevent microplastics getting into our waterways. 

Reusing goods promotes a shift to a circular economy

If we want to create a sustainable society that doesn’t take away from future generations then we need a circular economy. This is the idea that the economy should be doughnut-shaped.

Currently it’s mostly a straight line; things are produced from finite resources used a few times and then thrown away. These end up landfill or worse, pollute our natural environment. 

A circular economy means everything is reused, repaired, and recycled. We’re beginning to move in that direction with stores like H&M and Ikea recycling their products. But we have a long way to go. 

Owning secondhand and vintage items can be a form of self-expression

Vintage items and antiques can be quirky, unique and beautiful. Chances are if you find something you love, it will be one of a kind. No more turning up to parties wearing the same Primark dress as all your friends!

Why not fill your home with beautiful antique furniture and decor that complements your sense of style? Vintage and retro looks are in fashion nowadays but you will still stand out from the crowd because no two items are the same.

Trust me, you will get compliments and your Instagram will shine! 

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Shopping secondhand will save you money

Used items usually come at a fraction of the price of the new version. Never buying new will save you a lot of money, money that can be spent on more important things.

When buying electronics always consider secondhand or refurbished items. Make sure to buy secondhand electronic items with a warranty. Refurbished items like phones have been inspected and repaired. This means they are like new but without such a high environmental impact.

Selling your own items when they are no longer wanted instead of throwing them away will also make you money. 

Secondhand goods are better quality

Older items often come from a bygone era where quality was prized over quantity. This is particularly true of clothes and furniture.

Vintage clothes were made to last. That’s why vintage clothing shops and markets thrive. All those clothes made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s still exist in great condition. 

If you buy something secondhand but decide you no longer want it you can sell it on or donate and keep the cycle going. 

Shopping for secondhand items is enjoyable

Exploring charity shops, hunting through online stores and digging through fleamarkets is so much fun! It’s the best feeling when you find a diamond in the rough for an absolute bargain. You never know what treasure you might find! 

When you buy secondhand you are giving something back

You might be supporting a charity or putting money back into small businesses. Even if you’re just buying from people having a clear out on eBay instead of giving it to a corporate giant, you’re contributing to something better.

By choosing to shop secondhand you are voting for a better society. This is truly guilt-free shopping.

Shopping secondhand is super easy

With shops like eBay, Vinted, and DePop it’s now easier than ever to buy secondhand straight from your phone. Our high streets all feature a few charity shops. And when there isn’t a pandemic happening, you will always be able to find local fleamarkets, antique shows and car boot sales.

Photo by Adria Jimenez on Unsplash

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8 thoughts on “8 reasons why you should shop secondhand”

  1. Yeah I appreciate that secondhand isn’t always an option for everyone depending on where you live and the culture you are a part of. But I think things are slowly changing and it is becoming more acceptable to sell your used items and buy secondhand. I hope that will soon be the case where you live!

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  2. Very well written and explained! This is one of those things we need to implement in our lives and make our environment sustainable. Thanks for chiming in and contributing to this article–I love discussions like these with multiple perspectives. Cheers.

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