Blog Update

Hello regular readers. As you may have noticed I’ve not been blogging much lately. This is because since early January I’ve been struggling with health issues.

Initially, it affected my mental health so I didn’t feel motivated to write. Things let up with the beginning of lockdown when I wrote the Brightside Blogs. But my bad luck continued.

Working from home without a proper desk set up left me not able to type (I’m literally tapping this out one-handed on my iPad). I’m slowly recovering with physiotherapy. I hope to get back to work and blogging soon.

So yes 2020 has been tough so far, as it has for all of us. But being off work for two months, unable to do anything except watch TV has given me plenty of time to think. It’s given me an opportunity to stand back from this blog and think about what I want to do with it in the future.

I’m proud of the position this blog has got to. It has become a useful resource for people wanting to learn about wildlife and how to be more eco friendly. Most of my readers now come straight from Google wanting to learn and discover. Which is exciting for me. So that’s the direction I’ve decided to take this blog in.

This blog will be focusing more on educational posts about wildlife and how to protect it. It will continue to share advice and suggestions on how to live a more sustainable life. I also believe it’s increasingly important that we connect with nature for our health and wellbeing. So that’s another area this blog will explore more.

It means Wild & Green will be more streamlined and on brand. I hope it will become a guide and resource that empowers people to make a difference for the planet in their own way.

This is probably be my final ‘personal’ post on this blog. Thank you to all of my followers for reading my posts, for your support and for all your lovely comments.

Some of you have been following this blog for years which is amazing. It means a lot to see people reading what I write. I run this blog for free with my own money in my spare time.

I still love writing blogs about my wild adventures and life in Wales, even if not many people read them! So those of you who enjoy reading my more personal posts don’t worry. I’ve created a new personal blog where I will write about life in South Wales (when I’ve recovered and lockdown is over) and whatever else I feel like writing. Check it out and follow me at Sally by the Sea. See you there!

Wild & Green will also now be inviting guest blogs about the environment, wildlife and sustainable living. If you are interested in being a guest blogger (one-off posts or regular blogs welcome) get in touch.

Sally xxx

4 thoughts on “Blog Update”

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the plan! I’ve not been able to put it into action much yet as still recovering but hopefully will be able to do more in this new lockdown!

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