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30 Days Wild 2019: my adventures

Credit: Lauren Heather

30 Days Wild is over and a stormy spring has turned into sultry summer. It’s been a brilliant month exploring the wild in Wales during our first few weeks of living here.

What with having no internet, travelling back and forth between South Wales and Lincolnshire, starting a new job and being in a completely new place I didn’t quite find the time to blog about 30 Days Wild. But now it’s all over after the whirlwind that was June, I thought I’d share what I got up to! I did manage to post most of my adventures on Instagram so you can also check out my 30 Days Wild in more detail there!

Our Wild June in Wales

  1. We moved to Wales! After a tiring drive, I acquainted myself with the nature on our new street. So many trees!
  2. We went for a walk in the rain and enjoyed some urban nature in St Mellons, Cardiff (our new home).
  3. We explored our new neighbourhood and discovered a lovely little park a few minutes from our flat. I found a crooked tree.
  4. I watched house martins from our flat window in the evening.
  5. I went for a wild wander on my lunchbreak and discovered a meadow at the back of the business park where I work. It’s full of bees and other pollinators.
  6. After work we did some more exploring and checked out a local park, Hendre Lake Park. We saw a great crested grebe, a jay, mallards, mute swans and Canadian geese.
  7. There was an epic thunderstorm with pounding rain, resounding thunder and lightning flashing what looked to be only metres away from our window.
  8. We headed off to the Brecon Beacons and explored the stunning Four Waterfalls Trail at Ystradfellte (wow I spelt that right first time without looking). I saw my first ever dipper and redstart.
  9. We visited the pretty Southerndown beach near Porthcawl. Spent hours kayaking on the sea enjoying the cliffs and moody clouds in the distance.
  10. Explored a lovely wild walk with a river near my office during my lunchbreak in Pencoed. I saw a blue tit family.
  11. I took part in the RSPB’s swift survey and recorded the swifts I’d seen in the Brecon Beacons.
  12. Not sure what I did as I didn’t post about it!
  13. Whilst in Manchester for work I uncovered some urban nature in the rain. I found a stunning foxglove.
  14. I enjoyed beautiful wild views of Wales when riding the train back to Cardiff. So many mountains!
  15. Birdwatched from the car when we drove back to Lincolnshire for a friend’s engagement party. I spotted lots of buzzards, kestrels, red kites and corvids.
  16. Spent time with family for Father’s Day so not much wildness. I did do more birdwatching from the car on the drive back to Wales.
  17. In the evening I looked for all the colours of the rainbow in nature at Hendre Park. I managed to find them all, though blue took a while!
  18. Read a nature book. I read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben which I loved and couldn’t put down.
  19. I felt rough so just watched Springwatch and read my tree book.
  20. More of the same as I still felt rough.
  21. Summer solstice! We spent the evening at Penarth beach in Cardiff Bay. A very pretty place especially when the sun is setting.
  22. We packed up the car and headed to the Gower, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while. We weren’t disappointed, Rhossili beach is absolutely stunning. I think I have to put it up there with my favourite Cornish beaches (a rare thing for me!). I saw my first ever hermit crab (awesome) and a dead barrel jellyfish.
  23. We discovered our first Welsh ancient woodland, Coed-Y-Bedw. And what a delightfully magical and wild place it was! Towering beeches and ash trees, ragged cliffs and we even found a rock with crystal inside it.
  24. I explored a mini woodland that we somehow hadn’t noticed before near our flat. A hidden gem next to a busy supermarket.
  25. Wrote a nature haiku: Aboard a kayak/Flying on an ocean wave/A wild spirit
  26. I admired insects in the meadow at work in my lunchbreak. Saw a common blue butterfly and a fat legged flower beetle and lots of bees.
  27. We went butterfly spotting at Hendre Park after work. There were so many butterflies in the sheltered corner of the park we found. Red admiral, comma, painted lady, meadow brown, ringlet, small skipper and a 7 spotted burnet moth. I also saw a damselfly, a snail and lots of cuckoo spit from froghoppers.
  28. Sadly didn’t manage anything wild as we packed for the weekend in the evening.
  29. Back in Lincolnshire, we went wild swimming in the river Welland in Stamford as it was so gloriously hot!
  30. Whilst visiting family, I explored my parents’ garden, admired the flowers, and spotted a newt in the pond.

I hope you enjoyed 30 Days Wild as much as we did! What was your 30 Days Wild highlight?

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