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It’s time to go wild this June!

My favourite time of the year is approaching with the arrival of 30 Days Wild next month! 30 Days Wild is the Wildlife Trusts’ annual nature challenge where they encourage everyone to find the time to do something a bit wild everyday in June.

The long term followers of this blog will know this is something I love doing every year. For me, it’s actually far more exciting than Christmas! Despite already loving nature and wildlife, sometimes with every day life getting in the way it can be a challenge to actually get out and enjoy nature.

I love that 30 Days Wild makes me properly commit to getting my wild fix everyday whatever the weather and whatever my schedule. It definitely inspires me to get out and be wild more for the rest of the year too. Nature is surprisingly addictive! Also June is such a special month, if you look in the right places, wildlife is literally all around us at this time of year.

30 Days Wild has taught me so much about wildlife and helped me reconnect with the world around me. I spend each day in June looking forward to whichever wild activity I’ve got planned for that day.

Last year I spotted and learnt the names of so many orchids that I’d never seen before. We went to a nature reserve in the evening after work (which we never normally do) and ended up walking through clouds of hundreds of marbled white butterflies. It was magical. I also enjoy seeing what everyone else gets up to for their 30 Days Wild!

It’s going to be especially exciting for me this year as it will be the perfect way to explore our new home in South Wales. I’ll be sharing my wild Welsh adventures on this blog, Twitter and Instagram, follow me to see what I get up to this year.

Why should you go wild?

  • With the trees laden with leaves, the flowers in full bloom, insects buzzing, wildlife breeding and with warmer temperatures, June is one of the best times to be wild.
  • Spending time in nature and watching wildlife is scientifically proven to help us feel happier, healthier, less stressed and more productive. Being physically active out in nature is bound to be beneficial too!
  • You can do it anywhere. Your back garden, from your window, at the local park, during your lunchbreak, on your commute or on holiday. Just keep your eyes peeled for the life that is all around.
  • You will learn and discover so much about the natural world. From identifying species, to learning their behaviour to trying wild art, to creating new homes for wildlife. You might discover a new passion!
  • You will help wildlife. Whether that’s through supporting wildlife charities, campaigning, volunteering or making space for nature in your garden, it will give you the opportunity to make a differencre for our struggling wildlife.
  • There’s so many wild activities to try, check out my ideas for wild activities on rainy and busy days and outdoor adventures. There’s also a new book out, 365 Days Wild written by Lucy McRobert, packed with ideas for all year round (I’ve just ordered my copy!)
  • It’s social, with thousands of people taking part you’ll find people to connect with. Or you can take on the challenge along with your partner, friends or family. Join the 30 Days Wild Facebook group here. Share your wild acts on Twitter or Instagram with #30DaysWild.

How to take part

Sign up here and order or download a 30 Days Wild pack for yourself, your family, your school or even your care home (new this year). It includes a wall chart to plan and record your wild moments, some wild stickers, 101 Random Acts of Wildness ideas and wildflower seeds. The idea is to try something wild everyday, but if you miss a day or two nobody’s counting!

2 thoughts on “It’s time to go wild this June!”

  1. We love it so much too! It’s our 4th year taking part and like you say, we have learnt so much! We have a tiny courtyard garden but we are planting bee and butterfly friendly flowers, have a bug hotel and finally managed to attract some birds to our feeders. We are doing stuff like collecting ladybirds to eat the aphids on our roses instead of spraying them. Totally addicted!! 😊


    1. It’s amazing isn’t it? I hope your bee and butterfly friendly flowers attract some new wildlife to your garden! And that’s great your are getting birds on your feeders now! I miss having a garden full of birds so much! And that’s such an amazing idea collecting ladybirds as a natural pest control, love it!

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