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Reasons for hope, animal maps and guerilla planting

Do we have a moral duty to protect the wilderness whether we benefit from it or not?

Is anyone else really tired of winter? It’s felt particularly long and draining for me this year. I can’t believe it’s still only February! I keep daydreaming about trees and hedgerows once again bursting with fresh greens, pleasant warm rays from spring sunshine and the thrill of seeing wildlife bring new life into the world.

So here are some interesting articles and good news stories to cheer us up whilst we wait impatiently for spring:


I hope you have a lovely week ahead and do let me know if you come across any more positive uplifting news stories to get us through the rest of winter!



4 thoughts on “Reasons for hope, animal maps and guerilla planting”

  1. you could say my partner does a bit of guerilla gardening, we have a small patch of verge adjacent to a main road which is classed as a local wildlife site. It has been sown with wildflower seed at some point, but there are lots of ash saplings on there. He has been pulling up the saplings, and last week even managed to fell a few of the small trees!

    We also put signs up around the industrial estate asking for the grass to be left uncut as there are hundreds of bee orchids in that particular area. the local council maintenance providers are aware of them, but the signs definitely help!

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    1. That’s lovely! And that’s great your verge has wildflowers, whenever I see short cut empty verges I think how lovely they would be covered in flowers and the pollinating insects. I hope you are leaving some of the trees there though! There’s so many bare green spaces like verges and parks that could be used for wildflowers, trees and other habitats. Maybe we all need to do a bit of guerilla gardening!

      Putting up signs is such a brilliant idea! So many people don’t think about the wildlife and nature they pass everyday and could be harming. Often something like a sign can make all the difference to raising awareness. I think most people are inherently supportive of nature just sometimes they need a nudge towards helping to protect it! 🙂

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      1. He’s having to remove the ash trees as there are far too many on the patch which cause a lot of leaf litter. There is a wood on the other side of the path anyway so lot’s of trees!

        The signs work really well especially for the people who go out to mow the grass, we have given them maps to say where the bee orchids are but a visible sign in the particular area is much more helpful.

        Our neighbour who also does a bit of maintenance in the wood has also spotted the bee orchids and is also going to be putting out our signs 🙂


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