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My goals and plans for 2018


As the dust settles on the adrenaline rush arrival of a new year and the familiar cogs of everyday routine heave back into motion, I thought I’d share my hopes for 2018.

My overarching goal is, simply put, to ‘be the change you want to see in the world‘. This quote from Gandhi may have become somewhat cliche but recently its meaning has really grabbed me. I’m passionate about making change for our planet, however small, and encouraging others to be part of it. But there’s no better way of doing that than being that change myself and lighting the way. I’m a pioneer by nature, so it’s time to act like one. I aim to help show others how easy it is to make a positive difference by doing it myself. That’s what this blog is all about after all.

Here are my plans and hopes for the year, fitting under this theme. I’m genuinely really excited about 2018, I’m going to make it the best one yet.

Be wild every week

I’m determined to do something wild at least once a week, every week, this year. I’m fairly good at completing 30 Days Wild in June and I do manage to get out into nature roughly once a month at a minimum. But I still feel I’m missing out on my connection to the wild. Being in nature always helps to reorient myself in my head, relax and feel that life is an exciting adventure beyond the everyday slog. There’s so much interesting life to see, beauty to embrace and new memories to make. More of that please in 2018! Whether it’s going for a hike in a nature reserve, bird watching or just taking a stroll through some beautiful trees, I am committed to finding the time to enjoy the wild every week.

Couch to 5K

I am going to do it this year, I am going to get fit and I will be fit enough to complete a 5K parkrun before the end of the year. I did try indoor cycling last year and kept it up for a while (but it’s soo terribly dull!) and I had a go at various workout apps (I really hate exercise for the sake of it). I was committed to going swimming with Alex but the times at our local pool just never fitted with our schedule. But I used to do cross country running at school and I enjoyed it and I was good at it. I love larking about sprinting around for the joy of it on the beach or wherever. I can do it for free and it’s another reason to get outdoors and be out micro-adventuring. I’ve got my Couch to 5K and Zombie, Run! running apps and my new beautiful bamboo sports leggings at the ready so when it’s finally lighter in the evenings and less cold I’m getting out there!

Reduce my dairy intake

Whilst I am currently undertaking Veganuary, I am in no way ready to go full on vegan yet. I’m not sure if I ever will (I’m morally happy with eating organic/free-to-roam eggs) but this month has solidified my discomfort with using dairy products. It’s also shown me it is possible for me to be vegan despite the struggle. I’ve already cut out straight milk (Oatly milk for the win) but I’m going to focus more on eating less mayonnaise (yeah I’m a glutton for the stuff), milk chocolate and dairy filled cakes and … cheese. Oh, cheese you are my weakness.

Up my blog game

I’m planning to properly rebrand my blog this year to better fit what I’d like to achieve with it. Me and this blog have grown up a lot since I started it, aged 19, so I’m looking for a new name to reflect that. If you’d like to help out, I’m running a survey to get feedback. You can take part here. I’ll be sharing the blog links of everyone who takes part as a thank you. I also aim to blog more regularly than I do currently to further carry on with my mission to share a wilder greener life and inspire others to join me. I also love writing and should be doing more of it!

Ethical shopping

I’ve already made many changes to my approach, but know I can and should do better when it comes to shopping ethically and sustainably. Our consumer choices are so powerful, buying goods is literally voting for the world we want with our own hard-earned cash. As individuals, that’s one of the most significant actions we can take. Yet how is it that we all lend our support to some of the worst things happening in this world? From contributing to sweatshops to pollution to habitat destruction, we all do it usually without batting an eyelid. This year whenever I buy something (after assessing if I actually need it) I’ll scout high and low for an eco-friendly and ethical good quality option. Failing that, I’ll go secondhand. There’s so much choice nowadays, especially online, it’s a lot easier to make the ethical choice.

From Dr.Suess’s The Lorax

What are your goals and plans for 2018?

5 thoughts on “My goals and plans for 2018”

  1. Great goals! They align pretty well with mine (although in the recent weather I’ve admittedly not been doing too well at getting outside). Constantly trying to be more ethical in my purchases and try to support more small businesses instead of big corporations too. It’s so much nicer knowing the money I earn through my own business can in turn make someone else do a happy dance when I spend it with theirs! Good luck with all of your goals πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the recent weather has been a struggle to deal with! Cannot wait for spring! Yeah, knowing you’re spending money in the right place on a small or ethical business that deserves it is definitely the best feeling! Good luck with your goals too.


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