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50 easy new year resolutions to help the planet

There are so many small easy ways to make a big difference to the negative impact we all have on the planet. We tend to see the beginning of the New Year as a new start with many of us deciding on New Year’s resolutions. So it’s the perfect time for us all to pick up some new eco-friendly habits for the New Year and beyond, whether you’re a dedicated environmentalist or completely new to the greener lifestyle approach.

Here are 50 easy simple things we can do in the New Year to help out our lovely old planet:

  1. Start buying recycled toilet paper.
  2. Use reusable and washable cotton pads for all your cleansing needs
  3. Wash synthetic clothes with a Guppy Friend.
  4. Use smol laundry cleaner, conditioner, mult-purpose cleaner and dishwasher tablets.
  5. Buy recycled and recyclable brown wrapping paper for presents, not shiny plastic covered paper.
  6. Save all your Christmas cards to use as present decoration and labels next year.
  7. Refuse plastic straws in your drinks in bars and restaurants.
  8. Instead of going new, buy secondhand clothes from ebay or charity shops. If you must buy new, try to get clothes with natural fibres only.
  9. Try to reuse plastic containers and glass jars for storage. When you do throw them away, remember to recycle properly.
  10. Only use fabric shopping bags. Keep one at work, put one in your car, and one in each of your bags and keep one near your front door so you never forget!
  11. Walk, scoot or cycle to nearby locations (30 mins walk or less) in your town instead of driving.
  12. Buy biodegradable bin bags.
  13. Whenever you need to buy something new, first look for a secondhand or eco-friendly alternative. Check out the Good Shopping Guide.
  14. Start a meat-free Monday tradition or try Veganuary.
  15. Wash with vegan eco-friendly zero waste shampoo, conditioner and soap from gruum.
  16. Cut up old worn-out clothes and use them as cleaning and drying cloths. Use them as long as you can, just wash them every time they get dirty. Give up paper towels and short-lived kitchen cloths.
  17. Avoid using plastic cutlery, cups or plates.
  18. Buy a reusable coffee cup* and ask the server to use it for your drink when you go to a cafe.
  19. Use reusable food wraps* instead of cling film or foil to keep your food fresh.
  20. Drink tap water (get a filter if you don’t like the taste) and carry it with you in a reusable bottle.
  21. Start composting leftover food waste.
  22. When replacing your old washing up brush, buy this natural brush with a replaceable head.
  23. Make your next toothbrush a bamboo toothbrush.
  24. And combine it with eco-friendly toothpaste.
  25. When grocery shopping, opt for drinks, ingredients and sauces in glass jars/bottles whenever possible.
  26. Buy loose vegetables and wheels of cheese without packaging.
  27. Or shop at your local farmers market.
  28. Give up using tissues and opt for a washable handkerchief with pages.
  29. Stop using balloons and sky lanterns.
  30. Use eco-friendly craft tape* instead of sellotape.
  31. Start buying lip balm in metal tins.
  32. Try out oat milk or almond milk instead of cows’ milk.
  33. Repair things when they break.
  34. Give away clothes and bric-a-brac to charity shops instead of throwing them away.
  35. If travelling a long distance, consider public transport. Book in advance and check all the times to save costs.
  36. Ask around at work about carpooling with colleagues who live near you.
  37. Start buying films and music in downloadable form and give up CDs and DVDs.
  38. Pick up litter that you pass on your travels, use one of your spare fabric bags! Then recycle it or bin it properly.
  39. Wash clothes when they are actually dirty, not after one wear.
  40. Dry your clothes naturally on a washing line or clothes horse.
  41. Change your light bulbs to LEDs.
  42. Unplug chargers and electronics when you’re not using them.
  43. Try to never buy impulsively.
  44. Get worn out shoe heels replaced at Timpsons.
  45. Use rechargeable batteries.
  46. Swap teabags for loose tea leaves in a reusable tea strainer.
  47. Have a pack lunch (use tupperware or a lunchbox, no cling film!) every day instead of eating out.
  48. Go for a walk or play a board game instead of relying on electronic entertainment.
  49. Always go for quality over quantity when shopping.
  50. Check where your food has come from (try to get as local as possible) and try to get fair trade.

Do you do some of these things already? Or do you have any other suggestions of small steps to take to become more eco-friendly? If you plan to have a go at these for the New Year, I’d love to hear how you get on!

*This denotes that this is an affiliate link which means, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small percentage of the cost if you buy from this shop. I only work in partnership with ethical and eco-friendly companies that I support and am happy to use myself. Any money I receive from affiliate links or donations helps support the running costs of this blog.

4 thoughts on “50 easy new year resolutions to help the planet”

  1. An excellent list. You can also open a repair cafe to pool skills and repair items for everyone for the cost of materials. Upcycle items. Buy second hand furniture. Holiday at home and not go abroad. Or Holiday responsibly. Look after wildlife. Plant more flowers.Good luck.

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