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Recommended reads: lab meat, plastic waste and rewilding


It’s been horrifying to see how nature has been showing its wrath recently, from hurricanes to earthquakes. My thoughts go out to all those affected by these disasters. The only thing worse is the knowledge that with climate change being ever present, extreme weather events like these are only going to get worse.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the environmentally intriguing reads I’ve come across recently. A bit of a mix this time, they all gave me some food for thought.




Green Lifestyle

  • One thing I hate is those plastic bags that so many parcels come in these days. I love this design concept of reuseable parcel boxes with a story, allegedly from eBay. Sadly it doesn’t appear to be real as I can’t find them anywhere online. Someone make them real please?
  • But I was thrilled to read all about just how well the plastic bag charge is doing here in the UK. I’ve always felt that policy can make a real difference for our environment and this is the perfect example.
  • However, giving up plastic bags is not enough to tackle the plastic crisis facing our planet, so here’s ten easy ways we can all reduce plastic waste.
  • Whilst a little simplistic and overdone, it was interesting to read about the dystopia of dairy farming from the perspective of someone who grew up on a dairy farm, who later turned vegan.
  • And if you’re thinking growing our own meat might be the way to go instead, don’t believe all the hype around lab grown meat.  It seems an awful waste of time and resources to me, when we can simply choose to not eat meat instead!


And to add some cuteness to your day before you go, here’s the fluffiest silliest cow I’ve ever seen!

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