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30 Days Wild: Days 5-7

Welcome to the second installment of our 30 Days Wild adventures! As the weather has turned rather wet and gloomy we’ve spent less time outdoors sadly but still succeeded in being a bit wild everyday. Here’s what what we’ve been up to over the past three days.

Day 5

After a long Monday at work we logged onto Zooniverse as planned to volunteer on their conservation projects. I settled on Snapshot Serengeti where you ID animals captured with camera traps. It provides lots of help on how to ID the various species. Highlights for me included elephant, dik dik, impala, hyena and a male lion. Alex had a go at a more relevant project for UK wildlife, counting wild flowers for bees.

Day 6

As it was pouring with rain outdoors we opted for some creativity instead inspired by Springwatch. Here’s the two haiku I wrote about Dippers and Pine Martens:

Head bobs up and down

Diving underwater for food

Dipper by nature

Arrow heads appear

Liver fur coating playful cubs

Red squirrel saviour?

And Alex’s far superior and rhyming haiku on the Kingfisher:

Flash of brightest blue

Flitting across river view

The kingfisher’s hue

Day 7

Today we explored the great outdoors of our garden and cul-de-sac! With summer finally here our garden has grown truly wild, just how we like it. When we first moved in, the lawn was bare and patchy, hedges trimmed, an absence of greenery and littered with rubbish left over from builders. But since then, 9 months ago, we’ve allowed everything to flourish resulting in a much lovelier and more enjoyable garden. We’ve added bird feeders, a bird house, potted trees and a bug house. Our pet quail seem to enjoy the foliage that’s grown up around their pens. Perhaps our landlord won’t be too happy about the small wilderness that’s appeared but the wildlife certainly are!

First, we identified all the trees in the vicinity.

Copper Beech

Blackthorne (I think)
Silver Birch


And then we just spend some time looking a little closer at the nature all around us and noticed things we hadn’t before like cuckoo’s spit, the differences between young and old leaves, bees crawling on flowers and little hints that some petals were beginning to fade.

Cuckoo Spit

Baby Ash Tree

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