30 Days Wild: Ideas for busy and rainy days

Curb @Furygodmother

30 Days Wild can be a challenge. Committing to wildness everyday in June in our cluttered schedules and often not nature friendly modern lives isn’t always easy. Which is only more reason to have a go! So I’ve come up with 20 wild acts that we can all do when the weather is being rather uninviting or when you simply haven’t got time or space to go on a wild adventure.

As you might have guessed, this year for 30 Days Wild Alex and I are getting organised! I’m plotting out 40 random acts of wildness for all occasions and situations to make sure we get the most out of this amazing month. Me and Alex are putting our favourite 30 acts on the wall chart, that the Wildlife Trust kindly provided us in the 30 Days Wild pack, so we know what we’re doing each day. But they’re flexible so we can swap them around during the month to suit our needs.

Here’s our 20 ideas for busy and rainy days:

  • Start a free online course on wildlife or nature. United for Wildlife have a free wildlife conservation course and FutureLearn have one on ecosystems.
  • Learn to identify tree leaves by drawing/stencilling some common tree leaves and annotating them
  • Similarly, learn to identify garden birds by drawing/stencilling some from a guide book
  • Watch a wildlife webcam online. I follow the lives of two osprey families in Scotland and England
  • A game idea: name/write down as many UK species as possible in 5-10 minutes
  • Read about a recent nature discovery or scientific research. The website for the magazine Biosphere is always an interesting read.
  • Do a garden birds quiz
  • Do a wildflower quiz
  • Do a garden bird watch from your window
  • Go for a walk in the rain
  • Take a photo of raindrops, for example droplets on leaves or flowers
  • Write a poem or haiku about nature. Haikus are easy, just follow the structure.
  • Take part in a nature campaign and show your support for a good cause. Sign the Charter for woods and trees or help the bees.
  • Plan a wild trip, for example think about going wild camping in Scotland
  • Make a bird cake, here’s a recipe to try
  • Volunteer on Zooniverse and help with their conservation projects online
  • Draw or paint a picture of wildlife or get a nature inspired colouring book to colour
  • Read nature writing, I’ve got ‘Gossip from the Forest‘ by Sara Maitland lined up
  • Make a DIY bug house, I found some inspiration here
  • Hunt out the closest bit of nature to you, wherever you are. Whether it be dandelions bursting from a crack in a paving stone or a ladybird flying by.


If you haven’t already, sign up for 30 Days Wild here! Check out my ideas for outdoors adventures here. Once June begins I’ll be blogging all about my adventures for 30 Days Wild, follow me (click Follow near top of sidebar to the right >), like my page on Facebook or Twitter, or add me on BlogLovin’ to hear about what me and Alex get up to! I also plan to Instagram every Random Act of Wildness I do. You should also check out my fellow 30 Days Wild bloggers.

Do you have any wild ideas for rainy days or busy schedules? I’d love to hear them.



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