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Welcome the wild this June!

sky @happy hippy d

The Wildlife Trust will once again be challenging us all to embrace the wild every day for a month. This is 30 Days Wild which is a brilliant campaign that I look forward to every year! Hunting out wild and wonderful sights and sounds to enjoy everyday, what could be better?

This challenge has definitely helped me on my journey to living a little wilder and recognising the wonder of nature all around me. Even if it’s just looking a little closer at the shape of a leaf or appreciating the humble bee that does so much for us. The idea is to spend half an hour everyday in June committing a random act of wildness. From sunbathing in the sun to writing a poem to walking in an ancient wood, it could be almost anything. For me this is what life is all about, exploring, discovering, learning and making new memories each and every day.

It’s so very easy to get in touch with nature when you really think about it and it’s something as a species we have an innate love for. Sometimes we just need to reawaken that love! 30 Days Wild challenges us to take some time in our busy schedules to slow down and remember how much more life can be. It’s scientifically proven that nature is good for us, it boosts concentration levels, cognitive development and mental and physical well being. We feel calmer, happier and heal quicker when in touch with our natural surroundings. It has the power to reset us to default. Nature is an antithesis to so much of the negatives of modern life. So this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the wild and the magic it provides us.

I’m one of many bloggers who have signed up to write about our wild adventures over June. This year I’m going to be super organised and plan out 40 acts I can do, for rain and shine, hectic days and empty afternoons. I’ll record everything I get up to on this blog. Follow what I get up to by clicking follow on the right of this page, follow my Twitter or like my Facebook page.

Find out more and sign up for 30 Days Wild here and request a free 30 Days Wild pack which is filled with goodies to inspire you and help you kickstart some wild adventures!

I’ll be sharing all my ideas for random acts in the next couple of weeks before June begins. I’d love to also hear about your ideas and what wild things you get up to in June!



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