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A Letter to Earth for Earth Day

Dear Earth,

I thought on this most auspicious of days, when the world is thinking of you, I would write you a letter. I wish to thank you for … well … everything.

I wanted to thank you for everything you do for us. For the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food in our bellies, the shelter above our heads and the clothes on our back. None of that could exist without the resources you kindly provide us. I want to thank you for the adventure playground that is our world, mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts and oceans. I want to thank you for the richness and diversity of all life in your seas and shores. There is so much to explore and learn. If we look in the right places we can never tire of your wonder and we will never truly know all of what you hide.

I want you to know I cherish the rich life that only exists because of you. My friends and family. The joy of pets and the thrill of seeing wild creatures. Paddling in turquoise waters, scrabbling up mountains, touching rough tree bark, and the burble of a starling. The most powerful and memorable moments of my life have always occurred when connecting with nature. I wonder why we look to the stars when everything we could ever need is right here. I’m attempting to live better, to not take more than I need and to give back. But I know I can do better.

I know we humans have let you down many times. We are like selfish children or addicts with no self control who keep taking and reaching far over the boundaries. We know we are doing it yet cannot stop. It seems we forget that you and everything on this planet is intricately intertwined with our own existence. When we kill all the sparrows, people starve. No action is without consequence. You remind us when we have gone too far. A quick lesson for slow learners.

Like a patient friend and mother you forgive us and thrive when we give you the chance. You can always give us more even as we take. Despite our greed, short sightedness and unique ability to use the intelligence gifted to us for bad, we do truly love you. A love that can be lost under the weight of things we think matter but perhaps do not. You are our blighted star, stunning and mighty despite the scars we leave on you.

Current affairs may suggest otherwise, but I feel we’re gradually getting better and beginning to remember our roots. Be patient with us. I just hope it does not come too late for you and for us.

Ever yours,


Resident of Earth

2 thoughts on “A Letter to Earth for Earth Day”

    1. Thanks! I actually only learnt about the sparrow massacre in China a few days ago from a podcast, so the horror of it was still firmly sat in my head. It’s such a powerful message.


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