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Nene Valley Way, Northamptonshire



On Saturday my friend and I headed to the Nene Valley in Northamptonshire to explore the nature reserves there. We visited Ditchford Lakes and Meadows and Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows. Ditchford was lovely but Irthlingborough’s maze of paths and lakes turned out to be a real hidden gem, quieted away behind a main road.  To my initial surprise it has been granted SSSI status but this soon made sense with the appearance of a multitude of butterflies.


We saw four herons, heard many unidentifiable birds, befriended a few dogs, smiled at the sunshine and marvelled at blossom. All in all it was quite wonderful.

The highlight for me was seeing a tree creeper, as only a week ago reading a blog about them made me keen to see one. They are such odd intriguing but beautiful little birds. It also meant I added two new species to my #200BirdYear Challenge, tree creeper and greenfinch.


She suggested, not in all seriousness, that as she had written a poem about our adventure I should too on my blog. Now I’ve not written any poetry since my angsty teenage years and my creative inspiration that fuelled me then never visits anymore. But haiku seems a safe option, so I’ll have a go! Here’s a few, and yes I was probably a bit creative with the rules (don’t expect much!).


Twinned movement caught

Our pairs of eyes alight

On tree creeper


Brown grey wing flicks

Intruding on an old war

Dunnock rivalry


We talk of dragons

Dinosaurs’ descendants swim

All around us


Now go check out Chantal’s far better poem on her blog here.


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