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30 Days Wild: Admiring Trees on Day 8

I recently downloaded the Woodland Trust’s new tree IDing app onto my phone so I decided to try it out for my bit of wildness today!

I’m fortunate to live in a very green town that seems to have a lot of tree cover. Wherever I walk and drive, all the streets except the town centre, are lined with trees. Other towns are not so fortunate where their councils feel the need to cut all their trees down to save costs. One diseased tree on a street can spell the end for them all in the likes of Sheffield. But here we have tall beauties hanging over the roads and the houses bringing colour and life into everywhere you look.

Our own horse chestnut tree at the family home, a strong reminder of my childhood

Walking back from the shop I took the time to admire some of the trees I see everyday. A large horse chestnut that drowns the pavement in its fallen pink blossom. I know a horse chestnut anywhere, one of my favourite trees after growing up in the shadow of a huge one in our front garden, raining conkers down on us every autumn. A line of young green flushed lime trees along the path I walked. I was fairly certain they were lime but I made sure with my new app. Nearer my house I passed a couple of pretties littered with bunched white flowers. Shamefully, I could not remember what these were and the app revealed they were of course Elder! You can even track the trees you ID with a photo and map location. I also have another tall lime stood outside my window which means I always have a patch of nature within my sights!

The photo I took of the elder in the app

So another successful wild day!

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