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Recommended Reads: book review, vegetarianism, plastic fishing and more

International Man Booker Prize nominee I reviewed

Here is a collection of interesting links (and a little self promotion) that I have come across in the past month or so that I thought you dear readers might find to be of interest:

  • One of my book clubs (yes I am the member of two because my life isn’t busy enough already apparently) got invited to shadow the recent Man Booker International prize. We were given A General Theory of Oblivion by Jose Eduardo Agualusa. I loved the book and would definitely recommend, check out my book review here!
  • As a new vegetarian I found it fascinating to learn about the changes that happen to your body when you stop eating meat.
  • If you’re planning on getting out to enjoy nature now the weather is warmer, here are 41 camping hacks that will make it just that little bit more enjoyable
  • And if you need some ideas where to walk when you’re out check out these 20 superb UK walks
  • 9 screen free outdoor toys to get your children enjoying the outdoors and using their imagination. It’s so important children spend time out in nature.
  • Don’t be wasteful by throwing away damaged clothes, make them last longer with these 21 clothing hacks
  • The world’s first plastic fishing company has come up with a genius way to tackle plastic in our oceans
  • My favourite podcast (that helps me appear to be an interesting knowledgeable person) is becoming a TV show if it gets enough views so watch it here!
  • Need some new sunglasses now summer is  coming? Well go eco-friendly!

Enjoy! Have you come across any interesting reads recently?

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