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Add a little wildness to your days this June

It’s nearly my favourite time of the year, the beginning of summer. Bursts of heavy greenery crowding the trees and verges. Birds native and migratory frolicking and singing. Bees and butterflies adding to the harmony. Breathing in the scented air (then coughing from the ravages of hayfever). Throwing on shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses with no further thought. Going outdoors to enjoy the smallest hints of sun while it lasts. Flashes of excitement as summer thunder rings out amongst iron grey clouds. Lying on the grass within the embrace of heat whilst reading a book. Everyone smiling and relaxed. The lingering smell of barbecues. Exploring new places. In summer I am in my element.

It also marks the beginning of the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge!

The idea behind 30 Days Wild is to spend around half an hour (or more) of everyday in June doing something a little bit wild. Whether that’s finding a wild wood to explore or enjoying the little patch of nature in your garden. It could be walking on the grass barefoot or swimming in the sea. It’s a chance to appreciate and learn more about the wildness still flourishing around us. It’s a way to bring all the benefits of nature back into our lives. I took part in 30 Days Wild last year (see what I got up to) and it was truly a wonderful eye-opening experience that I look back on with nostalgia. I think I have sustained a little more wild in my life since but I’m keen to top it up again in June.

I have a few ideas, as well as Wildlife Trust’s suggestions, most of which I did last year! Visit Stamford Meadows (and look out for the kingfisher my housemate saw recently!). Volunteer at Rutland Water nature reserve. Explore the wild parts of the graveyard I live near. Enjoy the nature in my garden now I have birds using my birdfeeders and insect friendly plants growing. Read nature writing. Maybe do some of my own nature writing. Sketching outdoors. Discover new species. Lie outside and watch the clouds and the world pass by. Go geocaching. For me it’s about adding new adventures to the bank of memories that is my life. And being wild should be an important part of all our lives.

I am so excited to receive my 30 Days Wild pack filled with Random Acts of Wildness ideas, stickers, wild cards, and a wall chart. It’s good to see more help from the pack this year with ideas, as the last pack was a little more left up to you. I’ll also plan some more indoorsy activities for when those summer rains drown out the joy of being outside.

So come June I’ll attempt to blog about everything I get up to, though may not be everyday as that was quite the challenge! I hope you will join me on my blog or in undertaking the challenge. I love seeing what everyone gets up to.

Sign up and join in the fun here!

2 thoughts on “Add a little wildness to your days this June”

  1. I did 30 days Wild last year too, and have signed up again this year. I wrote about my ‘wildness’ in weekly blogs, made it far easier than doing daily posts! Look forward to seeing what you get up to!

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