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Recommended Reads: Trees, photography and caring about the environment

Hello all, late autumn is here with the shadow of winter nearly upon us! With happy news in the form of the plastic bag charge arriving here in England. It’s such a brilliant step in the right direction, a simple change that has so much potential. Out shopping today I was excited to see so many people with reusable bags. Although everyone who has been whining needs to realise the implications behind this charge and why it’s about so much more than a mildly annoying rule. Wales has achieved a 70% reduction in plastic bag usage and Scotland 80%. I hope England can match or beat them! Hopefully the next step will be to ban them completely.

So here are some overdue interesting reads I stumbled across from the past month or so! From the stunning Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner to bio urns to how to help your mental wellbeing with nature:

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