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Recommended Reads: protect nature laws, and eco-friendly shopping

Eurasian Lynx are a protected species under the EU Habitats Directive. Find out how to help keep this law below.

This week has been very depressing regarding the environment. The EU and UK are suspending the ban on neonics, the pesticides that kill bees. Why are they taking a step back and listening to farmers’ short term thinking? Amber Rudd’s climate change speech essentially said the government’s plans for dealing with climate change is to follow business as usual economically (!!!). Badger culling is to be extended to new regions in the UK. And more renewables subsidies are being cut. *climbs under duvet to hide from evil world*

So here’s some interesting eco reads and links to distract ourselves from these setbacks and some ways we can fight back:

Have a great weekend! Any interesting reads or links you’ve come across this week?

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