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30 Days Wild: A look back

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while dear readers, I was enjoying a break after the intensity of 30 Days Wild. Having a full time job, being wild everyday, taking and uploading photos, and blogging about it was quite tough at times! It certainly doesn’t help that I’m a slow writer. It has been a relief to not blog and just go out and enjoy summer, easy to do when there is a heatwave! Although in the more recent wet days I have been distracted by my new addiction to a TV show (Once Upon a Time) now that I have joined Netflix, not so good! I guess 30DaysWild being over did leave a bit of a void in my life. June is definitely going to be one of the months this year I look back on and remember the most. Which is wonderful.

I’m committed to staying wild but I guess in reality that is not going to be everyday. Although I know it should be. It often just happens anyway because I love the outside even when it’s blazing hot. At work I’m working to protect nature. At home I’m often reading or thinking about it. I’m now glad that I do think about it far more than I did. Well thinking more about being wild. When I’m sad I think, I need to go be wild! It feels like a much bigger key part of my life now. Or I miss thinking of new things to do each day, and I definitely have a little store of more wild things I will do. A sort of bucket list I suppose! I will test this out soon as me and the boyfriend are planning on a holiday from home this year due to lack of funds. I’m determined that we will go out everyday and have adventures in my local area. Maybe we will see ospreys. The perfect time to be really wild!
I guess this post has got quite ramble-y! So, what did I think of the challenge? As somebody who loves the outdoors and loves nature but sometimes needs a bit of motivation to actually get out there, this challenge was brilliant. Having a focus to be wild everyday initiated excitement and mindfulness about each day and sparked my creativity. I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted to do, but it doesn’t matter. I think next year I will plan ahead more and try a wider variety of activities. It showed me that I really do need nature, it’s as important as your 5 a day, if not more so! It showed me that even though I spend everyday campaigning for nature, being in it is just as important.

As an (inexperienced) environmental campaigner, this challenge was ingenious. I think most of the time, certainly in my job, an environmental NGO’s campaigning centres around fighting threats on all sides. It can be a reactive and draining uphill battle. This may even be reflected in what our supporters see. Act now to protect this! This is evil, we must stop it! Whilst the work we do is so important and does achieve so much, it’s difficult to keep engaged. It’s difficult showing the fight is worth it. But this campaign, if you can call it that, was so different. The call to action was not ‘sign another petition’ or ’email your MP’ again. The call was to go out and enjoy the wild. See the adventures you can come up with, find out what beautiful and inspirational things await you if you should step into the wild for half an hour. This is positive and proactive. It’s celebrating the wild that is there, remembering what it is we should be protecting. Standing face to face with why it’s so important. If you did the challenge, I don’t need to explain to you why it’s important. This campaign is light and gentle. I almost feel heady with the lack of weight sitting on my shoulders when partaking in this campaign. The Wildlife Trust must have had so much fun with it. The world can be a better place from enjoying it, not just by defending it.

It was an adventurous surprising month. I saw an arctic tern, painted lady, banded demoiselles, harlequin ladybirds, long legged buzzard, a hedgehog and a little egret. All species I hadn’t seen or identified before. I drew and danced in the rain. I made recycled bird feeders (that didn’t work). I blogged more than I ever have before in that period of time. I made a little raft from sticks. I found new paths and new places. I found out more about this town that is still a new home despite being a place I know well. I happily spent time alone but also brought others along in my wildness. I found two magpie feathers and an egg. I hugged a tree. I walked barefoot in the grass. I saw too many red kites. I read so many amazing blogs and found out more about other people and their love of nature. I got very close to a swan. I saw more swans together than I ever had before. I accidentally stumbled across a wild meadow. I watched Ospreys from my office. I read about bees, some parts factual, some parts fiction. I walked nearly everyday. Every little bit of it was an experience often from a different angle. And that’s what I live for, the little experiences and adventures that make up life. Without 30 Days Wild I may never have done these things and for that I’m very thankful. Bring on next year and being as wild as I can until then!
If you also took part in the challenge I’d love to hear what you thought of it, now it’s over!

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