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30 Days Wild: Days 27, 28, 29, and 30. The end!


And it’s all over! It’s flown by but at the same time it’s definitely felt like I’ve done a lot and experienced so much in a short month! I feel like I’ve seen the landscape transform around me from spring to a proper summer! Cannot believe how hot it is today, it’s the hottest day we’ve had for 9 years apparently! I am so ready to start enjoying my summer to the full and in one way that means I’m happy the 30 days are over as it means I won’t be blogging every evening. I want to be outside in the sunshine as much as I can and that means of course being as wild as I can!

So here are my last 4 days of the challenge, I didn’t mean to neglect blogging for four days but life and enjoying myself got in the way. It also meant I haven’t really done any more specific Random Acts of Wildness, it’s just been about just enjoying the moment in nature with the weather smiling down on us. Which is in some ways the most important thing anyway.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_27

We planned to go to Rutland Water to see the ospreys but things cropped up which meant we didn’t have time before it shut at 5pm which was disappointing. I plan to go on an osprey boat trip there in a few weeks, however. One way to carry on being wild! So instead me and the boyfriend visited Barnwell Country Park. I’ve not been there for a while so it was great to visit.



TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28

My parents, who breed Samoyeds, have a litter of puppies at the moment. So Sunday was mainly filled with playing with them in the garden as my friend came to see them. It was a beautiful day and we also went walking in the fields and the woods. We saw plenty of red kites, one very up close. It always thrills me to see them!

Me being savagely attacked by a wild creature (a polar bear perhaps?)
Me being savagely attacked by a wild creature (a polar bear perhaps?)
So pretty, the field looks so soft with the crops having an almost silvery sheen to them
So pretty, the field looks so soft with the crops having an almost silvery sheen to them

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29

So on Monday I decided to needle felt one of the new wildlife species I have come across on the challenge. I opted for the arctic tern as one of the easier and exciting species I saw. If it comes out any good I think I will sell it and donate all proceeds to the Wildlife Trust. I haven’t needle felted in a while and I’d forgotten how long it takes! So I’m nowhere near finished. But I will work on it this week.

I did get further than this! I had a rough body and head.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30

The very last day! And what a stunning day it was (well evening). I had a stressful day at work but the sun was glorious and I knew I needed to escape somewhere, as well as needing to do my very last wild act. Straight from work, in my unsuitable work dress, I headed to Londonthorpe Wood. It’s owned by the Woodland Trust, and like all their woods is completely free to visit.


They have a massive problem with dog waste. Shouldn't have a dog if you can't be a responsible owner!
They have a massive problem with dog waste. Shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t be a responsible owner!

As soon I walked amongst the grass and trees I felt so much better. My stress and upset from the day fled my mind.

Such big oak leaves!
Such big oak leaves!



There were lots of insects, bumblees, butterflies and very loud crickets! It sounded like the grass was full of them. But I discovered a new game, trying to locate them through the sound. What sounded like a bunch of crickets would just be one and I managed to find them perching on blades of grass whilst they whirred away! They soon noticed me and vanished as I approached. I only managed to get up close and personal with two but it was very fun! Didn’t manage to get a photo of them either. I didn’t mind it was just lovely to see them.

I saw a herd of deer in the neighbouring Belton Park. I’m glad I managed to see some deer before the 30 days were up.


I also glimpsed lots of swifts or swallows whirling up ahead (I couldn’t tell the difference!).


Found a almost perfectly formed egg! Looked new. Anyone know what species it could be from?
Found a almost perfectly formed egg! Looked new. Anyone know what species it could be from?
The first honeybee I've seen all year! So happy to see lots of them here.
The first honeybee I’ve seen all year! So happy to see lots of them here.
A stunning view for the last day
A stunning view for the last day

I thought that was the end of my wildness for the day and headed home expecting to blog. But my housemates invited me to the pub, I of course couldn’t resist. We ate in the lovely garden at The Crown in Stamford. After we took a long detour home through Stamford Meadows and then up on a path through the fields with stunning views. I never knew this way existed! We saw the huge beautiful moon in a pink sky as the sun began it’s descent. So in the end I spent the whole evening being wild, much of it spontaneous. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful adventurous month!


I hope those of you who also did the challenge enjoyed it as much as I have! My next blog post will be my review of the challenge, my best bits and what I thought of it. Such an interesting campaign idea!

So see you then, and remember #StayWild!

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