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30 Days Wild: Day 20

How is it Day 20 already? Madness! Today for my Random Act I planned to go on a nice stroll and do some sketching of the natural things I saw. Well, as soon as I reached the Stamford Meadows the heavens opened. But I kept going!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20

The river is actually really pretty in the rain with its rippling surface. It was very refreshing proudly walking through the rain instead of cowering in search for cover, like everyone else except the anglers! It certainly felt more wild being out in the elements, though of course it was still warm.


The rain let up a little and I thought it could be quite fun to draw in the rain so I gave it a go. I sat by the river and the trees. At first I succeeded but then the rain came down heavily, so the rain did contribute to my rough sketches a little! First I saw two insects (daddy long legs perhaps?) hovering up and down in the rain. It was like a dance, so I tried to capture their shapes as they bounced. I then noticed a few jackdaws (I think, smaller than crows) having an argument in the tree opposite. I tried to capture the angry postures of the dominant one whilst another hid in the leaves. I drew a couple of the plants I saw on the riverbank. Then a very pretty insect actually landed on my notebook! It looked a bit like a wasp but smaller with more black, very smooth and shining with only little patches of yellow.  It seemed to be clutching food beneath it, possibly a caterpillar. It flew off before I could photograph it (a running theme for me it seems) so I attempted to sketch it quickly before my memory faded.

Not my best drawing but it was fun and interesting picking out details and shapes of wild things
Not my best drawing but it was fun and interesting picking out details and shapes of wild things

The rain began to pour so I gave up and had a slow walk home. Further on in the meadows when no one was watching I had a little dance in the rain!

My feet and legs were drenched by the time I got home!


Ten days to go! I hope everyone ahs had a very wild time so far. Anyone been dancing in the rain? I also want to go out in a thunderstorm but there hasn’t been one yet.

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