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30 Days Wild: Day 17 Speak Up For The Love Of The Wild

Today was a very important day for the fight to tackle climate change. One of the many important things threatened by climate change is everything wild. So today for my Random Act I took part in the thousands strong movement that occurred today.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17

Over 9,000 people went to Westminster to lobby their MPs about climate change. They spoke up for what they love that is threatened by climate change. Because nearly everything we love, from sport to beaches, trees to chocolate, is threatened by the imminent danger that is climate change. In light of the Paris talks this December and the need to act now, before we go past the tipping point that will send us over 2 degrees hits, The Climate Coalition set this event up. It is to ask our MPs to commit to action locally, nationally and globally before it’s too late. A time to show we care and now more than ever before ordinary people, young and old, are very concerned about where our planet is heading.

Unfortunately, I could not join everyone at Westminster, despite being heavily involved with it through work (soo gutted!). However, those who could not attend still have a chance to have their say. Through The Climate Coalition online tool I emailed my MP, telling him about the things I love that are threatened. I told him I love woods, beaches, trees and wildlife. These are what I want to protect. If you could not attend either, or have yet to be wild today please go here to also tell you MP about the wild things you love.

To find about more about what happened today go here or check out the hashtag #Fortheloveof on Twitter. I’ve been following it all day and I also tweeted about it to spread the word!

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