30 Days Wild, Random Acts of Wildness

30 Days Wild: Days 13, 14 and 15

I’ve had another busy weekend away for a friend’s birthday far away, so more travelling and difficulty fitting in the wild! But I tried my best.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13

Much of Saturday was taken up with train travel so I brought some wildness to my journey! I downloaded some TED talks onto my iPad to watch. I started with George Monbiot’s For more wonder, rewild the world. As I follow his wonderful blog and I’ve read Feral nothing he said was particularly new to me. But as my hero I really wanted to see how he talked and expressed his views so it gave me a chance to see that. It also reminded me of how much I support rewilding and all his arguments for why it should happen ring so true. Anyone interested in conservation and environmentalism should watch this talk to get a brief overview of what rewilding is and why we, as humans, need it. I then watched The first 21 days of a bee’s life which was fascinating. I’m a little bit obsessed with bees at the  moment because I’m reading The Bees (albeit slowly) and I enjoyed drawing one. This talk showcases a photography project that records the initial stages of a bees birth and changes into an adult bee. It’s really quite beautiful in a slightly alien disturbing way.  It also talks about the threats bees face and explores our relationship with them and how this can move forward. Interesting! The Bees novel actually reflects these stages quite accurately (besides the talking bees with hands and holy stuff). It was great visualise the book in this way. I ended with The world’s oldest living things which is another photography project. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Also very interesting look into the natural world and just how long wild things can live for. And I was surprised that they weren’t all trees!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_14

On Sunday I fitted in some brief wildness when walking back through Stamford Meadows from the train station in the evening. I chilled out with the ducks and Canadian geese for a bit before heading home.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15

Then on Monday after a stressful day, for my Random Act (as suggested by Wildlife Trust) I decided to share some of my wildlife art and nature photography with you on my blog! See art here and photography here. Enjoy!

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