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30 Days Wild: Day 16

Wow, over halfway through the 30 Days Wild Challenge! And it’s been a wild ride so far. Today I managed a surprisingly wild day through my exploring of the canal in the centre of Peterborough. In the morning I did see a thrush standing tall. That made me happy as not seen one for a while now.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16

I’m working in Peterborough this week and as the weather was so hot and I felt quite cabin fever-y from being indoors so I headed to the nearest patch of open grass and trees on my lunch break. As I walked I, to my joy, stumbled across the canal lined with many stunning willow trees. Sadly I only had my phone so photo quality is not that great, apologies!


I then saw a pied-wagtail and lots of bumblebees gathering pollen. They sadly did not stay still long enough for me to catch a photo! There were so many swans in the canal, I’ve never seen that many before altogether. There must have been around 30! It seemed to be the ultimate swan gathering place.


As I walked on a young rabbit leapt out of a patch of long grass next to me and fled. Strange it was hiding out in the open so close to the path.


I then came across lots of foliage as green space opened up beside the canal.


I noticed a ready made path into this surprisingly wild patch, perfect for me to explore.


I loved discovering such a little wild area with houses and a power station behind it as well as the city centre and main roads behind me. A little piece of serenity and biodiversity.


It was essentially a wild meadow. It contained far more wildlife than the “meadows” in Stamford that have seemingly never been touched by man and industry. Yet this wild place in the middle of the city, possibly a brownfield site, surrounded by ugly buildings was buzzing with so much life. There were so many interesting insects I could not identify (or manage to photograph). A variety of birds were singing everywhere. There were butterflies too, including a flitter of bright orange  and a dark purple V settling on a willow.  I got most excited to see a bright blue/purple dragonfly flash past me too. It was gone in a moment.


Some rabbit fur I found
Some rabbit fur I found
Pretty thistle
Pretty thistle
Marsh area, with strange bird calls I have not heard before
Marsh area, with strange bird calls I have not heard before
I really liked these old rustic boats
I really liked these old rustic boats
So many willows lining the path back
So many willows lining the path back, birds sang in every one I passed
Lots of buttercups
Lots of buttercups

Today’s Random Act of Wildness was possibly the best so far just because of the shock and childish joy of discovering this. A wonderful haven surrounded by the not so pretty urban industrial grey that dominates much of Peterborough. Without this challenge it seems unlikely that I would have ever found it!

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