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30 Days Wild: Day 12

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12

I have managed unintentionally to do a few Random Acts of Wildness today despite being busy! On the way to work I saw a red kite gliding quite close over the road, its distinctive shape catching my eye instantly. This made me very happy! I absolutely love red kites, I voted for them as the UK national bird in the recent official vote. Sadly the robin won! I grew up in the remote countryside and as I got older I saw more and more red kites as their numbers soared. They were reintroduced quite close to where I lived and it is a brilliant area for them. I once saw 5 of them cavorting in the air together above my favourite wood that I spent hours of my life horse-riding in. They are so common that when I did the RSPB Birdwatch for an hour I actually saw one from my window within that short time span. Then today, on the way home from work I saw a red kite again! Very possibly the same one. …NO WAY literally just saw another red kite from my window whilst writing this, being mobbed by another bird!! They are everywhere today! Didn’t manage to get a photo, sadly.

I managed some wildness actually at work too. I sat in our lovely work garden for lunch in the sun (may have slightly tanned).  Once I returned to work I opened up a wild webcam. It’s one of the Wildlife Trust’s suggested Random Acts of Wildness. It turns out I live quite close to an osprey family at Rutland Water and they have a webcam so I checked them out.

osprey webcam

When I first went on there were just three chicks all snuggled up together. They are so adorable and fluffy! You can certainly see the hints of a future killing machine though with their yellow eyes and hooked beaks. I watched them shuffle and look around, stretch their wings and sleep. I did get excited when one stood up and hopped around, only to then poo in the direction of the camera! It’s the perfect thing to do at work, where you can check on them every now and then. No adults appeared though for ages. I then got engrossed in more work…

webcam osprey parent

….when I remembered to look again an adult had appeared! It casually sat surveying the view and its chicks. Such a good view of the osprey, such a beautiful creature. Watching the webcam actually becomes really addictive and mesmerising.

osprey and chicks webcam

I later looked back to see the adult had settled down with its babies. So cute! The meat that had been sat in the nest also appeared to have vanished. Watching the webcam definitely added some excitement and awe to my day. I am now definitely going to head to Rutland Water some time this month to try and see the adult ospreys flying or even fishing. You can check out this osprey family here. (Perfect if you’re yet to be wild today!)

So a very birds of prey filled day, my favourite kind. Did you see any interesting wildlife today? Or have you checked out any wild webcams? Let me know about any good ones and anything exciting you saw.

3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild: Day 12”

  1. I like watching the Ospreys on the Dyfu estuary. They have a webcam too, and 3 chicks this year. Monty, the adult male, bought a mullet back to the nest one night this week when it was pretty much dark. They’re amazing burds.

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