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30 Days Wild: Day 11

My Random Acts of Wildness for today included buying some lovely bird feed and then filling and finally putting up my handmade bird feeders! I managed to find some feed in Morrisons. Though there are probably better places to get it. Where I used to work, they had lots of bird feeders so they had giant sacks (dog food sack sized) of RSPB bird food. Good idea RSPB! Although it was in London and the feral parakeets got most of the food. As stunning as they are to watch they are an invasive species taking food away from our own wild birds. The birdseed I found are apparently high energy and specially designed for garden birds so I’m sure they will be sufficient!

  So the bird feeders are in place on our one resident tree! I hope they actually work as bird feeders and the holes aren’t too small. It’s quite difficult to work out the right balance between making the holes too big so all the food falls out and making them too small for birds to actually eat out of them. It will be an experiment! I’ve also only ever seen a blackbird in our garden so I hope we will attract some more variety.
I then settled in to watch the final episode of Springwatch. Sadly I’ve not managed to see any of this series. Too busy going outdoors finding wild things to do and then blog about them! It was a wonderful episode though, I loved seeing the long tailed chicks escaping the nest and the tawny owl chicks learning to fly. So adorable! I was also excited to see the hundreds of Arctic Terns after seeing one last weekend. The tracking devices they put on 28 of them were really interesting. They track sunlight times so they can work out the location of the Arctic Tern as it migrates across the world. It was interesting to hear about the Woodland Trust’s work on recording the progress of spring. The life of Si the Fry was also very amusing!

Did anyone else watch this episode? What did you think? I hope you had a fun wild day today!

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