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30 Days Wild: Days 8, 9 and 10

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08

A third of our way through the challenge! I can’t believe I have managed that many different wild things already. Though I have been a little lapse over the last couple of days due to general life getting in the way. Also blogging everyday is quite a challenge too. So I ended up making a bird feeder on both days as it was all I could squeeze in. Better than nothing I suppose!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

Birdfeeders made from recycled bottles, cheap and better for the environment

Today, however, was vastly more successful. I drove straight from work to Burghley Park on the edge of Stamford where I live. It was just a little detour on my way home. Burghley Park is actually been a huge part of my life despite only just moving to the town to live here. It was with shock I realised as I stepped into the beautiful fields that I hadn’t been here for 2 years! My old school is next door so I spent many times running round Burghley for cross country and hanging out with friends after school. And more importantly the tradition of coming here for Burghley Horse Trials every year with one of my best friends.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10


The grass was long so it felt wild and almost meadow like despite lack of wildflowers. It’s such a large open space to explore. It almost feels endless so I felt I was free in the wilderness to do as I pleased. A beautiful place that can belong to anyone who chooses to walk across it and enjoy it. There are not really any set paths or signs guiding you on a route, you can go where ever you fancy which I did. Zigzagging through the long grass towards anything that caught my eye.


It seemed quite like fantasy with the regal Burghley House in the distance. I then found some interesting trees.


I thought the twisted tree trunk was interesting
I thought the twisted tree trunk was interesting
Loved this old oak that looks like its branches are exploding outwards in all directions
Loved this old oak that looks like its many many branches are exploding outwards

Found a completely hollow but very much alive tree!



Interesting burrows, rabbit or even badger maybe?
Interesting burrows, rabbit or even badger maybe?

Then on my walk back in the shorter grass I decided to do one of the suggested #randomactsofwildness. Go barefoot! It was lovely to feel the cool grass on my feet, I must admit.


I sat and stared at the sky (another act of random wildness!) and actually saw a sort of rainbow on a cloud. I’m happy it came out on my camera. It was stunning, I didn’t know it was possible!

Mini rainbow!
Mini rainbow!

So it was a lovely way to recover from work. How have your last few wild days been? What random acts have you got up to?

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