30 Days Wild: Day 5, 6 and 7

I haven’t posted over the past few days because I was working, then travelling (curse of a long distance relationship), then travelling some more for a wedding, then recovering and then, surprise surprise travelling again. So it’s been quite a battle to squeeze in some wild things but I think I just about managed it (with a bit of creativity).

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05

So I was working on Friday and I had no idea when I was going to fit in wildness as I needed to spend lunchtime making bunting. Yes this was an actual requirement for work. But one of my fellow bunting crafters suggested we sat outside as the weather was glorious. It was actually the first day of summer where we could sit outside without a jumper of some kind in arms reach.

So we made nature-themed bunting in the work garden, surrounded by silver birches. Possibly my favourite tree since I was young. We are one of over a hundred organisations attending the Speak Up For The Love Of… mass lobby at Westminster on 17th June. The idea is to talk to your MP about the things you love that could be affected by climate change. This is to get them to commit to taking action in the Paris talks later this year as well as on a local and national level. And a big theme of the day is to show what you love with bunting! Around 10,000 people will be at this festival-feel lobby. Set to be a very exciting day!

After work I then had to drive 120 miles. But the sat nav did take me on a ridiculously scenic route from Grantham. Narrow country lanes and gorgeous rolling fields sparkling green in the evening sun. I was excited to see a wild poppy growing at the edge of one of them. So I felt that day had been sufficiently wild.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06

This day was the wedding! So more travel back up north, a long drive from the Cotswolds. After the beautiful ceremony (yes I got tearful) we all gathered outside in the churchyard (a stunning church too) under the trees. I will have to count this as my wild time. We did blow bubbles in the wind and watch them float through the trees too, if that counts? The venue for the reception also had a mini forest of potted plants of all kinds in the courtyard which was lovely.

Brilliant wedding "cake", wheels of delicious cheese with a rat on top!
Brilliant wedding “cake”, wheels of delicious cheese with a rat on top! Also the venue was very hipster with unpainted industrial feel hence the concrete blocks, it was gorgeous.

On the Sunday the boyfriend and I made up for the somewhat limited wildness of the weekend with an explore of his local park once we got back from Manchester.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_07

I did first get some stunning close-ups of some bees in his parents’ garden. So pretty, there were dozens of bees, there was clearly a good selection of flowers for them.

You can see the pollen it has collected on its back legs
You can see the pollen it has collected on its back legs (love my camera for this shot!)
I did get attacked by this terrifying wild beast...
I did get attacked by this terrifying wild beast…

We then escaped to the park to enjoy the sunshine (I had been dreaming of getting out in it for the whole car journey!)

Love the fat roots on this tree
Love the fat roots on this tree!
Me being a bit wild... ahem
Me being a bit wild… ahem

We came across lots of river wildlife including a swan who let us get surprisingly close.



We also spotted what I think is an Arctic Tern, from looking for the Little Egret in my bird book the other day. I’m learning!  I got very excited to see it darting about in the air and diving on the water. With its startling speed and rapid changes of direction we failed to get a good photo.

Arctic Tern mid flight as it darted away
Arctic Tern mid flight as it darted away

So that’s my last 3 days! I hope all of you doing the challenge have a successful weekend, perhaps more successful than mine! For today I’m going to attempt to make some bird feeders for the garden, wish me luck. I will also be catching up on some 30DaysWild blogs.

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