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30 Days Wild: Day 4

Today was less adventurous than yesterday, though I did go back through all my photos and that made me happy, reminding me of the loveliness of last night. Just thinking of nature can do this.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04

I decided to spend some time in our garden this evening. Due to weather, general life busyness and only living here a few months I’ve not spent much time in it. I sat and listened to the birdsong. There was such a variety of sounds, I must have been surrounded by quite a few species. A medium sized bird calling ‘kaaa kaa’ did fly over, no idea what it was. As a country girl born and bred, it surprises me that there can be so many birds around in a town. Though this makes sense as Stamford is covered in many old trees. I love being surrounded by so much greenery despite living close to the town centre. Very different to where I lived in London!

Pretty flowers on our bush
Pretty flowers (buds?) on our bush

I then explored and looked at all the plants to see if I could find anything interesting. Sadly not much wildlife besides cobwebs in the leaves. Even so, it was nice to see those glinting in the low sun. I did see lots of ants and aphids!

A glimpse of greenery creeping through the cracks
A glimpse of greenery creeping through the cracks

I love seeing nature crawling its way back in to barren human spaces. Like these leaves that don’t much care for the paving stones and decide they will be part of this garden. Nature is always waiting to be let back in, so we should welcome it with open arms.

Once my exploring was complete I sat down on our swing seat and started reading a wildlife magazine. I recently joined the RSPB at the weekend. They pounced on me at a festival and I gave in, the free books and free entry to their reserves tempted me! It’s for a wonderful cause after all. Just from reading this for half an hour, I felt I learnt a lot about our wildlife that I never knew before. So brilliant to learn new things, another good thing about this challenge!


The clouds were also stunning this evening, very relaxing to look up at them pass by as I read about chaffinches and otters.

Speckled clouds under the sun, feels like summer is here
Speckled clouds under the sun, feels like summer is here

I’m going to be away over the next few days for a wedding, so squeezing in some wild things could be a tad more difficult but I shall try my best. Hopefully the wedding will be outdoors!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the return of the sun on your wild adventures today. What have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild: Day 4”

  1. Sounds lovely and relaxing.As someone who grew up in the city I can say I have definitely seen as much wildlife in urban areas as I have in the country! My parent’s garden in East London has a lot of different birds visiting, including woodpeckers, jays and occasionally a kestrel. They get squirrels and foxes too. As you said, if you provide a green space, nature will inhabit it, which is why having a garden is so lovely.


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