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Recommended reads: elections, staying angry and a tiny house


Here the most interesting and inspirational reads I came across this week! And yeah I’m afraid quite a few are election-related rather than environmental … But politics affects us all and every aspect of our lives, unfortunately.

Ok here’s some fun stuff to cheer some of us up!

  • Weird and funny observations about nature – nature is so bizarre and mysterious, it’s why I love it.
  • Gorgeous tiny house – I’m obsessed with tiny houses and minimalist living at the moment, this is a stunning little house, love the stairs, fireplace and bed! Very relevant for green living.
  • Why Samoyed dogs are the best breed – I may be biased but no other breed can beat them. I grew up with no less than 9 of these fluffballs at any one time (at most we had 14)

And lastly, all of Europe’s nature is under threat, find out more in ClientEarth’s post and please take action. All environmental NGOs are involved in this campaign, highlighting the enormity of the threat.

Have a great week!

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